Right now I have 40 Boran F1 cows of varying ages,” says Johannes. The Kenyan Boran developed from the Orma Boran, Borana, and Somali Boran. Bulle … We started farming in the 1970s on the family farm in Chingola and years later we expanded to Mkushi. Therefore we run five herds of breeding cows at any one time of about 65-75 cows each and one bull . Port Alfred, Eastern Cape. Once passed the animal gets the mark of the society branded on its hump. Click here for the sale pamphlets & catalogues of upcoming sales. E: (function(){var ml="4nimae%d0lg.ocs",mi="9<7:5608><>241;=<3",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j