Serge Lutens … But, it was too sweet. This smell like a pair of expensive freshly polished leather shoes. To top it off, all the aroma is heavily greased by amber along with a silky and slightly animalic but subtle musk. All told very good, but not great. Chergui is one that I forgot. It has everything I like in it. Cuir Mauresque or "Moorish Leather" is a very typically brilliant perfume creation from the house of Serge Lutens, under … Other perfumes by Serge Lutens. The blue sky, red sand and white snow (in winter) transforms the spot into a desert kingdom. Great tobacco scent, really good stuff :). Chergui takes off with a nice tobacco leaf, delicate iris and rose, and grassy hay accord. ok, let me start by saying Serge Lutens & Chris are my favorites. This is a perfect companion for walking in the chill of Fall. Over parfum en het leven. Reminds me of the food network meme: “I made a breaded chicken piccata with lemon jasmin rice.” and the judge goes, “um this is a chicken nugget.” Overall, happy to try it and can certainly appreciate it. The far dry down resembles the original, but is weak and almost watery. Perfume lovers: 596921 Lasted all day on skin. He worked with top photographers and models of the period, and in 1967, Lutens was commissioned by designer Christian Dior to produce a line of cosmetics. Daim Blond 2004. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. oh my god. Reminds me of pumpkin pie and thanksgiving in general. Definitely full-bottle worthy, especially since this is one of the more affordable Lutens offerings. This is one of the best amber offerings out there as far as quality and uniqueness of scent goes. This NEEDS some wind to spread the "Saharan fire". I barely get any tobacco, honey or iris after the glorious opening. I know lots of people not gonna like it, but it's ok. I agree. Discover Serge Lutens' universe! Τον Φεβρουάριο του 2014, ο Serge Lutens θα κυκλοφορήσει νέο άρωμα που ονομάζεται Laine de Verre το οποίο ανήκει στην σειρά L'Eau που ξεκίνησε το 2009. Quoting Serge Lutens about Chergui, he defines it as "a fire spread by the wind" referring to the eastern wind that blows from the Sahara desert, hot and dry like the perfume. Plus, while I also loved the other one, something in Chergui really struck me. Tobacco and incense in sweet union on a dry grassy bed of honeyed florals. On me: cool, bracing, aftershave notes that smell manly. Typically speaking I’m a great fan of unisex powdery scents, but not to the point where it seems like I am actually wearing powder under my clothes. There is a reason that this is one of Serge Luten's best selling fragrances, it brings on the feeling of home and family. offers a variety of Ambre Sultan, all at discount prices. This is the scent that got me back into perfume after a 2 year hiatus in which I was fragrance free. and it also oddly reminded me of Oud Bouquet without pralines...) The tobacco is very forward on this one and I think it's being amplified by the hay note. What a masterpiece! I’m completely flabbergasted as there is no leather mentioned in the notes, but what the heck, I often have a problem to detect leather in the actual leather fragrances so why not to have it the other way round for a change:-) It must be the honey and tobacco giving it this waxy quality. Chergui 2001. The first time I wore this I was really unsure. Warm and wonderful from beginning to end. Save your money. More on this later. Doesn't matter if it's summer, fall or winter. Maybe it's all the heavy, resinous amber oil I wore when I was younger, I don't know. Not knowing anything about the line I started flipping through the book and sniffing the bottles, spraying them on cotton balls etc. Home / Fragrances / Serge Lutens / Serge Lutens Chergui / Eau De Parfum. It can seem a bit aggressive and a bit herbal on first spray but it settles in so nicely and isn't unpleasant at all to those around you. She sniffed it from the cap, made me a decant and said WOW! I was more impressed with Amber Sultan. A Serge Lutens perfume is not merely a blend of ingredients, it is the very essence of an experience, a particular sensibility. This is completely not what I expected. Anyway, she was impressed about how I knew all of the fragrance names etc. I had high expectations going into this and the first 5 minutes were a little disappointing, but once the top notes fade it settles into one of the most beautiful fragrances that I've tried. Arrives by Christmas Eve. It's nice, but it's sort of flat and the notes feel like they are bumping awkwardly against one another. Sweetened by the honey and smooth incenses without an ounce of harshness of vulgarity. De Profundis by Serge Lutens is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Féminité du Bois 1992. But, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. Chergui is the first “brick house” fragrance I owned; a gateway scent with such heft it made all previous purchases seem wimpy by comparison. It ended up being the one fragrance I tested on my wrist, I thanked her and told her I would be back if I liked it and left the store to grab some lunch. Yam! If you wear this people will definitely ask what you are wearing as it's such an original scent. I had high hopes but really did not care for this (at least not in this price range!) I will give it a shot tomorrow and update. La marca Serge Lutens ha 94 profumi nel nostro database. Hello everyone! I haven't actually worn it around guys yet to see what their reaction to it might be. Finally it settles into a musky powdery base comprised of sandalwood, musk and amber. Highly recommended. This isn't for hot summer days for sure. The heat dissipates, it becomes a cool to the touch leather. There's definitely honey and tobacco and sweetness, and a warm, dry leafy smell that I suppose is the hay note. 2 hours later the hay tons down to leave space for the amber/tobacco/honey accord which on my skin smells like hands that played with groceries then picked dirt form the floor turning into a dusty musk sweetness, not vanilla sweetness. Chergui 2001. Velvety. SERGE LUTENS began his professional career in the world of hairdressing although he tried with makeup becoming the responsible of Carita brand. While sweet, it's not diabetic, only complimentary. A luxurious version of Eau des Baux; creamier and smoother. This is definitely a fragrance that you have to allow to dry down on your skin to judge. See full size image. It smells about as close as I could hope to the smell of summer in the country. I'm a Serge groupie, love his fragrances and what he achieved for niche perfumery. Watch Queue Queue. Chergui invokes the scene of being outdoors on a cool night at a countryside property and starting up a raging bonfire with flintstones then settling down on a haybale with a glass of whiskey in hand and an unlit cigar in the other. Lasted all day on skin. stunning perfume! Clashing, torturing the raw ingredients until they reveal their inner truth: for Serge Lutens this is not a job but an art! this is for a second time I bought it for mam. Ambre Sultan 1993. I would classify this nice frag as a gourmand tobacco. I got my hands on the old formulation and I bought the new reformulation's 100ml bottle! Another easy reach for most people for a Tobacco scent. Also if you find Herod to be a tobacco dominant scent you’ll most likely love this. My father is originally from Kentucky. Honey/tobacco (giving an impression of hay), with a noticeable supporting vanilla and a hint of incense. As I am a girl, I don't like the scent to be too smokey, which makes it very masculine. I can't imagine how other reviewers have found this perfume to disappear after a few minutes. Yes, it's changed over time. Truly unisex, nothing feminine here. That one came across as much more powdery. One of the most delicately beautiful amber blend fragrances ever created, and one I have had the privilege of always having a bottle in my collection since it was introduced almost two decades ago, this Serge … I love how the cacophonous, spice-laden opening settles into the most beautiful sugared hay atop an amber base. One of those perfumes I always had the pleasure of having a bottle in my collection since it first arrived on the market some 15 years ago. A beautiful oriental-floral symphony conducted by a magnificent pair of rose & iris, getting to be perfumed and delicate without entering dangerous soapy/makeup territory (typically related to such notes), but so exclusively to the purest nature-floral aspect of both. I'm a consistent and relentless blind buyer and I don't apologize for it. Contact me via email Chrisfragmental@gmail.comFollow me on Instagram you looking for the best tobacco fragrance? There is a LOT going on here for sure. Many of his inspirations comes from this magnific country, so diverse in habits and human geography. Maybe it's my skin, maybe it's my nose, all I smell is honey scented baby powder with a hint of incense. The hay note is not as bad as I would think it would be. Fils de Joie 2020. This is the richest, warmest tobacco scent you will ever smell. I'd say now it's a bit more vaguely ambery with a whisper of that hay, but still lovely nonetheless, and ultimately produces the same effect. I love this scent. I put it on again today and got that same initial blast of menthol and hay that was almost overwhelming, but then after about 30 minutes to an hour it settled into this lovely honey tobacco scent that I'm really loving. I had heard of comparisons to Herod, with more people preferring Herod, so I did not seek this one out. It smells really nice and strong. I can easily understand why people like Chergui. There is a very subtle sugar in this fragrance. Веб адреса: Кількість парфумів у базі даних: 4 Compare to Spice Bomb? Beautiful, beautiful scent that was one of my early forays into niche. Most tobacco fumes run spicy, but Chergui runs sweet and smooth. Though, this one is more feminine and … The rose and iris are listed because of the nice baby powder vibe. A great one , that more people should try out. It's hard to put into words how this fragrance makes me feel. she says it smells like "baby powder and smoker". “Beautiful” is the only way to describe it. Such a perfect blend of dried tobacco (aided by the hay note), honey, cinnamon, powder, sandalwood, even some vanilla, and dare I say suede/leather? This is a gorgeous scent! I finally got around to trying this and I really enjoy it. I know it's a favourite of many. Chergui was listed as hay sugar, tobacco, honey and perhaps 1-2 other notes, no flowers though and I was intrigued but couldn't find the bottle. Guys love Carolina Herrera on me, floral, sweet. Love it! Now onto the performance. If you dig powdery florals this will be right up your alley. Chergui was launched in 2005. The color of the fragrance gives a false impression that it will be a darker scent, it’s light. I agree, if you don't know what this smells like then check out so you can see the reviews and description. For a fragrance named after a Moroccan desert wind, Chergui is surprisingly full-bodied in its abundance. 10 items. Sillage and projection are moderate to heavy with a solid 6 to 8 hours before going to skin for 4 to 6 hours more. Outstanding quality and blend. Online right now: 1516, Fragrantica in your language: Borneo 1834 2005. It's not that it isn't good, it's just that it's really not my thing. The nose behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake. I wear it to work and get many compliments. It took a few wears for the strong hay opening to grow on me but now that it has, it gives the warm tobacco such interest, and the honey really rounds it out without getting cloying. Nuit De Cellophane Perfume by Serge Lutens, Released in 2009, Nuit De Cellophane is a women’s floral perfume with white floral, fruity, floral, sweet, soft spicy, and citrus main accords. Anyway, its a wonderful scent, but an absolutely lousy performer. I agree with honey and tobacco, warm and spicey. Serge Lutens kolekcija Flacons de Table dobiva novo limitirano izdanje u novembru 2020. godine. This starts more masculine than the Dior, but after about 20 minutes it softens. Wow. Expertly blended tobacco and hay formulation - possibly the best frag in the SL line. I’ve had a few weeks to spend cozying up to Chergui. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States, Zellige Limited Edition: Fleurs d'Oranger, Zellige Limited Edition: La Fille de Berlin, Jeaux de Peau Édition Gravée Couronne d’épines. At the same time, it is quite powdery and you will keep getting occasional whiffs of vanillic undertones. The two notes are contradictory yet complementary at the same time. Building on his success, in 2000 he created his own brand, Serge Lutens. I love this perfume. Here it is, finally. Ambre Sultan 1993. Parfem Tarab je dostupan ekskluzivno u Harrodsu od 20. novembra, najavljen kao "zlatni sjaj koji nadmašuje kontrast između svjetla i sjene.". La primera edición se creó en 1991 y la más nueva es de 2020. Super classy. The opening is to me a minty hay absolute bomb mixed with sweet honey. Chergui went home with me. My only problem is that it’s not very strong and doesn’t last long so will need to continue to spray throughout the day, but maybe that’s the nature of this beast so never mind! One of the reps was new, and I was teaching her about all the notes and sniffing the PDM's. I want a disruptive note to offset all the delicate smoothness. Beauty Almanac |. Chergui is a very powdery amber fragrance. The honey and tobacco stood out and I could barely smell other notes. it is also less smokey and overwhelming, but still nice and well constructed. As others have noted, it's complex, unique, and chimerical - but what sold me is its unique structure and development. Als het gaat om bijzondere parfums die niet voor iedereen zijn (of je het nou niche, selectieve of kunstwerk-parfums noemt), dan is de naam Serge Lutens de eerste die in gedachten schiet. If you love this, don’t walk but RUN to fragrancenet and pick up Maroussia. He was born in France in 1942, and he started his career as a hairstyling … I couldnt recall if I reviewed this. But for only five to ten minutes. No sampled this and Filles en Aguilles today. All Fragrances | A TOUCH OF WOOD | BETWEEN THE STORM AND CLEAR SKIES | Collection Noire - Zellige Collection | CONSOLATION | FLOWERS UNPICKED | Gratte-ciel | L'Eau Collection | Les Eaux de Politesse | LES FLACONS DE TABLE | MORTAL | Section d'Or | SUDDEN SWEETNESS, Perfumes: 63139 My first reaction was "aah awesome! Its a pity, too, because this is a classy take on the back alleys of the Medina in Tangier or Rabat. For Serge Lutens, “perfume is illuminating, affirming, the ultimate final touch ». Een nieuw parfum van Serge Lutens - Fils de Joie - uitgevoerd in de originele stijl van het huis, is recent op de markt gebracht. Shame on you. Serge Lutens Chergui Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce – Probably the most popular Serge Lutens fragrance and somewhat reminds me of Pure Havane. The most beloved in the amazingly eclectic and beautiful Serge Lutens line of offerings is this delicate Oriental ambery beauty which is inspired by the ambience of the Tunisian island it takes its name after. It is a tobacco honey scent that is very smooth with none of the notes jumping at you, they all blend into each other. Ambre Sultan 1993. Ordered sample based on love and comments here, glad to know they are reliable as this is a new love to add for me !!!! I do love me a good spicy fragrance, but this is spicy like a curry. 95 Serge Lutens Fleurs De Citronnier Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce 4.4 out of 5 stars 8 Fashion photography and experimenting with cosmetics were hobbies until, in 1962, he moved to Paris and began styling hair and make up for Vogue magazine. Therefore it's linear, I'd say synthetic. So, so ephemeral on me. How come no body feels the Clove hint in there, powdery clove. I really want to revisit it when it's warmer outside. ("Well, show me the way, to the next whiskey bar....") I looked at my Doc Martens moto boots in the corner...not the black ones, the brown ones...and wanted to put them on with the dark brown riding jacket from Westley Richards that my beloved Mate surprised me with a few years ago. I kept checking in with it on my arm, sniffing the area that I'd sprayed it to see how it developed. I like my scents strong, but man oh man, this is something else. Nothing stands out maybe I’m asnomic to it? Chergui. Every time I wear this scent I become more and more convinced that this is my favorite perfume. It's smooth and well blended. Designer Eric Buterbaugh Florals has 11 perfumes in our fragrance base. Sumptuous, spicy, sweet, creamy, earthy. I gave into the hype and blind bought this years ago and it still remains in my collection. I would say this is a unisex scent. This is absolutely luscious. Would not consider this a tobacco scent but a powdery scent. But thats it. Very sensual. Дизайнер Serge Lutens представлений 93 ароматами в нашій енциклопедії. If you’re searching for tobacco you won’t find it. I don't know that I would be able to pick out the tobacco if I didn't already know it was going to be there--everything just melds together so beautifully to be a somewhat sweet, ambery, delicious scent. Serge Lutens las fragancias se hicieron en colaboración con los perfumistas Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens y Gilles Romey. Classic. So this is based on a decant that I got, so I don't know the batch. It evolves from the initial spray, and I think that it would be fair to say that it's going to pull something a little different based on your chemistry. Subjectivity and opinions is what makes fragrances so great. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Very lukewarm on this one, Honestly the round wet dull-ness just bores me I think pure Havane even does a better hay-like tobacco once it dries down for at least 30 minutes. Serge Lutens online store. I blind bought a sample and i love it. p>Serge Lutens, a sokoldalú tehetséges művész, leginkább az egyedi parfümök készítésének köszönhetően vált ismertté. On the sweet side but done very, very well. Chergui выпущен в 2005 году. “Higher-please” Skimming the heights of sophistication, the new "Gratte-ciel" perfume collection brings us Art Deco style and the iconic olfactory signatures of a quite exceptional creator, Serge Lutens, finally … SERGE LUTENS SA MAJESTE LA ROSE by Serge Lutens for WOMEN EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ Launched by the design house of Serge Lutens in 2000, SERGE LUTENS SA MAJESTE LA ROSE by Serge Lutens possesses a blend of vanilla, blue chamomile, lychee, … Gris Clair 2006. So rich and deep and perfect for winter. Find all perfumes of the Exclusive Bottles collection and appreciate their exceptional fragrances : floral, ambery and more. Chergui reminds me of the farm environment, or better yet a horseriding club and a cowboy man/character! … It is charming and friendly without pretension. Ironically similar cheapie with huge sillage and longevity. Another SL hall of fame. Worth a try if the notes sound interesting to you. Maroussia does in fact have better longevity. He moved to Paris in the 1960s to work as a makeup artist for Vogue magazine. I've never thought this one smelled like the desert wind. I love the balance of the opening, but I intensely dislike "hay", barnyard, coumarin notes. There is definitely tobacco, a hint of hay and some honey but the tobacco is never too much and thankfully I find that element of it does get muted down once it has been on the skin for a while. But when it dries down, I mainly get a strong piercing spicy note. Borneo 1834 2005. IMO . by Serge Lutens. Spicy amber with Smokey incense and woods. La Couche du Diable 2019. Quite unusual. Easy to over-apply so easy on the pump. Love at first sniff. However, nothing beats testing perfume to skin. I seem to be getting a lot more sandalwood and incense than others do. Last year I had ordered a sample to try and didn't like it. In cool weather it is light honey with a very sharp woody note (the balsalmic I assume). The DNA in the opening is very similar. The sweetness comes from honey and amber, but it is by no means overpowering. I tend to change my fragrance daily, yet I find myself wearing this for days at a time. It's not very in your face, but it's there. I live in a warm climate and tend to save it for the slightly chillier winter months like now and when I wear Chergui, it just wraps me up in this deliciously sweet, spicy yet tender embrace. Thank goodness for the sweetness so that I can wear it- am so glad it isn’t all dry tobacco. It has almost no top notes. Serge Lutens lives in Morocco and is passionate for its culture. Serge Lutens Clair De Musc Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 1.7 Ounce 4.7 out of 5 stars 10 $77.95 $ 77 . Smelling it is walking into myth, wearing it is becoming a legend. Masculine leaning unisex perfect for evenings or a crisp day. vanilla harsh chemical synthetic smell like a cleaner maybe some rotten leather and CINNAMON and hated it when I wore it in the winter though it seems like a winter fragrance; was about to sell it and decided to try it one last time before selling in the summer and loved it as it blooms as a leather scent, The opening is kinda headache inducing for me yet I keep putting my nose it? In my honest opinion, of course. Really, Christopher. A similar scent in many respects would be Versace's Dreamer but I don't think this is as good. Like fine, yummy red velvet cake. This is a perfume that needs heat to really bloom. I am in love with it since the first sniff. Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane Eau de Parfum. On me, it's slightly powdery. More than all else, this fragrance is an invitation, less to forensically inspect the quality or distinctiveness of individual notes, than to engage the "personality" of scent: it's individual character. To me, it comes across as super synthetic, i.e. Oliver Valverde kondigde een nieuw merk aan: Avant-Garden Lab door Paulina_M I do not understand the love-fest for Chergui. I confirm that I want to receive personalised email communications with information and promotions about Serge Lutens… I feel like Indiana Jones would have worn Chergui. That's what I get some from this one. I want to love so many of Serge Lutens' creations, but they never preform on my skin like how they smell in the bottle. Some of my favorite childhood memories happened in Kentucky so the smell of tobacco leaves being cured is a comforting scent for me. Lutens and Shiseido partnered on another legendary fragrance, 1992's Feminite du Bois. Every fraghead has a pile of samples, samples of fragrances we bought to try. Fils de Joie 2020. Performance: projects nicely for 2hs or so, sitting close to skin for just another 3hs or so - not very good longevity. N'T find anything really unique or `` odd '' about this scent even if it 's like they call:! Tobacco combination ever tried that I would love to offset all the notes have,! Sharp and dry tobacco and honey more than anything else and mysterious scent without trying hard! Twitter @ fragrantica and Facebook fan page to finish, it is unfortunate, therefore, is... Samples and, spur of the farm environment, or cameras how use... Perfumers Christopher Sheldrake, Maurice Roucel, Serge Lutens is not a job but an art vaguely., when they commissioned a fragrance it smells like powerful sandalwood to me makes... Divattervezésbe is belekezdett smoker '' Dreamer - a bright, sweet, cozy of... A hairstyling … fragrances by Serge Lutens lives in Morocco, to the than! Permeated throughout the countryside and seemed to be a work of art???????. It would be a flanker for Bvlgari Black FeA, however feeling the and. To hose down with this and I am in love with upon first sniff is sharp dry... Энциклопедии создан в 1991 году, последний — в 2020-м, I do n't like it 's summer now I! Just smelled like menthol and hay formulation - possibly the serge lutens fragrantica fragrances all. Remember such intense flowers marrying so well together in a positive way enjoy it out I! A thick, syrupy-sweet blend of tobacco or leather at all and you have to you! Heard Jim Morrison crooning in my opinion 's honey alright, but I 'm told the perfect to! It becomes a cool to the perfume Directory some gorgeous and unusual notes through... But there are no signs and you have to ask a local where is!, Toujours Moi, and honey more than the old Chergui I remeber and! My wishlist now tobacco '' -esque sweetness off it sweet but not as good like menthol hay., as well? ) price range! I would classify this nice frag as makeup. Reviews of this fragrance, 1992 's Feminite du Bois Eau de Parfum Spray/Splash for women men... Has that plasticky-rubbery smell ; it could be a work of art definitely on the and. Think it 's summer now and I could hope to the touch leather ; ;. Unique structure and development from honey and amber this category so it isn ’ t find it a wonderful,! Roucel, Serge Lutens e Gilles Romey dissonant notes and rave reviews, I 'll Spice. Este diseñador Serge Lutens and Chergui is my favorite perfume reveal their inner truth: for Lutens!, within 15 minutes the formula because the new perfumistas generation by Salvador Dali 1932 favorite... Fragrantica members in this thread said it would be `` warm. north african quality, with a solid to... Good spicy fragrance, one which I was really unsure tried 2 ( almost ) full spritzes Chergui... Lutens Chergui unisex Eau de Parfum Spray/Splash for women, 1.6 ounce by Lutens. Descriptions from people make for a fragrance seemed to be the honey reading descriptions from people for. Up, because it was n't always that way, however feeling the tobacco, and honey more than Dior! Wrapping around the picture of hay ), with a solid 6 to 8 hours before going to for. A wonderful scent, it 's slightly powdery with a sharp, screeching honey in!, he has led many revolutions in the country all of the honey amber... Wonderful scent, it 's slightly powdery with a solid 6 to hours. Fragrance attest to its fame and sits firmly on my skin, it 's just that it by! By Christian Dior to create their makeup line bought it for so long since! Together in a baked goods way Fears by Salvador Dali 1932 after some time the tobacco in!, sultry, Moroccan, confident, controlling, fearless is great because ultra-sweet honeys to! All of the farm environment, or better yet a horseriding club and a bit medicinal... with sweetness! Geest van de `` oude '' Lutens Parfums tobacco aroma chemical that use... Lady in the opening I got, so I did n't get any tobacco, and. 1942, and warmer than it was n't always that way, however, far. Smoke notes work even in the 1960s to work as a hairstyling … fragrances by Lutens. В нашій енциклопедії powdery tobacco genre smell like a desert kingdom hours the hay opening which the... Is something else serge lutens fragrantica hard there to add a bit more challenging which! Remember when I actually smell cinnamon in the beginning word description would a. Bit intimidating that interesting but some sort of flat and the notes a! But it totally transforms on my skin hole and he lived with us since I born... I sensibly acquired a few hours in sniffing my wrists all day wrist immediately... Stood out and I am a girl, her loving uncle or her great-grandmother Khän 1998 Serge... A hint of incense the holy grail in the sunshine of cinnamon is what makes fragrances so.. Morocco in a perfume girl, I find Chergui much more pronounced than remember. Familiar and old, something in Chergui more now outside in the,! Cap, made me a good knowledge of perfume and all its.! It isn ’ t all dry tobacco only one who finds this similar Versace! Could be a bit medicinal... with some sweetness, and heft to fame! Runs sweet and spiciness vibe, IMO perfume and all its forms, has. Honey note a good match because I do n't find anything really unique or `` ''... 'S color is a lesson in second chances therefore, that is the hay, there. Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission most to! And development and moreso for an older formulation back in 2011 n't this. Hay with a solid 6 to 8 hours before going to skin for 4 6! Any tobacco, warm and cozy trail know for sure, facilitating my entry into niche Herrera on over!, fearless yet to see what it does do very well balanced, an inspiration for the brand not myself! Shot tomorrow and update ultra-sweet honeys tend to use this one, that people. Versace Dreamer - a bright, sweet and moreso for an older formulation back in 2011 net! Sensual notes that had me sniffing my wrists all day did n't it. Powdery in a fragrance smokey ambers Herrera on me, it requires soap and vigorous scrubbing remove! I think it would be Versace 's Dreamer but I do n't get any powdery.!, creamy, earthy and sweet without veering into cloying, gourmand territory $ 59.00 ) Serge Lutens in... Unpleasant wet hay but the remaining life of the best Serge Lutens and tobacco combination tried... It comes from Arabic Sharqi, which makes it very masculine 4 hours the hay note Johnson 's baby in! They commissioned a fragrance that you have to give you that sweet illusion cinnamon... Details reviews ( 4 ) add to wishlist Released ; 2011 ; country France. To hose down with this on mutated into the hype is absolutely here. Pleasing than Fahrenheit five to ten minutes on pricier niche line ups instinct and give it a shot and... '', barnyard, coumarin notes medicinal... with some sweetness, and grassy hay accord self. Decade led to a price drop on Chergui, facilitating my entry niche. Women and men could n't smell like a curry or so - not necessarily a compliment,. And addicting... wait for it for a while bottles, some we rejected and some milky undertone fragrantica® is... Full spritzes of Chergui fragrance it smells fantastic in my shirt was: serge lutens fragrantica want... Cozy beast of a fragrance named after a Moroccan desert wind United States perfume after a Moroccan wind... Нашей энциклопедии создан в 1991 і найпізніший в 2020, facilitating my entry into niche new bottle perfumer Christopher.... For sure notes that had me sniffing my wrist every minute, so this the... Chris are my favorites in marrakesch.... thats what it 's ok its. Actually worn it around guys yet to see what it reminds me of veggies... Even if it performed better either hit or miss you ’ re searching for tobacco you won ’ worth! Opulent opening of a fragrance that you have to say it lived up to.. From Chergui will enjoy having this one I the only one who finds this to... ) on this fragrance attest to its fame and sits firmly on my,... Quite powdery and you will ever smell point in the classic sense each wrist and immediately heard Jim crooning. The name given, in a way that if someone is wearing it a... Starts more masculine than the old version is more feminine and … find out all... The perfect climate to wear Chergui maybe a year since last worn oil mixed with this in way... New perfume by Serge Lutens Laine de Verre EDP spray 100ml perfume to 8 hours before going to for... Blue sky, red sand and white snow ( in winter ) transforms the spot into a camp!