What sort of life expectancy do CR-Vs have? An update of the 2003-2005 model, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability. Repair cost was $400.00", "engine wouldn't turn over. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. Our son needs to replace current car (accident, bent frame) and found Honda Accord with 205,000 miles on it. ", "I assume trunk leak is due to a failed seal, perhaps around tail light", "The weather stripping is worn and causing wind noise inside the cabin when the windows are fully closed", "Seals needed to be replaced in car due to age and climate", "My clutch makes a squeaky noise often, when engaged. "Without much warning, the car stopped functioning in a drive through of a fast food location and had to be manually pushed into the parking lot", "Master cylinder failure caused the clutch to fail. Need to replace brakes for normal wear", "I drive a lot so have to replace front and rear brakes a lot", "Rear brakes were worn. I recently required a repair and replacement of a rear main seal on my 2006 Accord on August 10, 2013 at a cost of $930.00. The paint fades and the hood is a different shade than the front quarter panels. HONDA'S RECALL CAMPAIGN NUMBER IS R89.OWNERS MAY ALSO CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION'S VEHICLE SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), OR GO TO HTTP://WWW.SAFERCAR.GOV . Honda's numbers for this recall are Q5A and Y58. Service rep said they couldn't find problem, Need to perform "diagnostic" at a cost of $65. Honda's number for this recall is JZ3. 108, LAMPS, REFLECTIVE DEVICES, AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT. ", "Engine mounts worn out and replaced. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. OWNERS MAY CONTACT HONDA AT 1-800-999-1009. The recall began December 9, 2019. this I reported in my last survey. They said the board failed again and would cost around $550 to replace this time. Thinking it was all I needed, did not bother with under-coating. POWER TRAIN:AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION:CONTROL MODULE (TCM, PCM). This is the only problem I have ever had with this vehicle in 12 years, so I can't be unhappy with the car. so they were replaced. ", "Starter gradually failed. It had this problem since 15,000 mi but the dealer said nothing was wrong. ", "Brakes froze around rear wheels causing them to go prematurely & need replacement. I researched on line and was able to purchase a switch and install it for 15", "Interior lights failed to operate. The recall began April 10, 2019. ", "Driver side AC stopped working; first fix was refrigerant recharge; second was receiver/dryer. converter", "The warning light came on indicating a problem existed. ENGINE STALL AND UNEXPECTED VEHICLE MOVEMENT INCREASES THE RISK OF A CRASH OR PERSONAL INJURY TO PERSONS WITHIN THE PATH OF A ROLLING VEHICLE. Doesn't look real good but don't have the $$ to replace it. Need a flashlight or specific sun angle to change radio stations etc. EQUIPMENT:OTHER:OWNERS/SERVICE/OTHER MANUAL. Dealer replaced it at owner's expense. ", "The radio is completely inoperable, no screen, no sound. I did it myself. I had to call the dealer. Driveshaft or axle, CV joint, differential, transfer case, 4WD/AWD components, driveline vibration, traction control, electronic stability control (ESC), electrical failure. Use for comparison purposes only. The affected vehicles have a passenger side frontal air bag that may be susceptible to moisture intrusion which, over time, could cause the inflator to rupture upon its deployment. A rattling noise that sounds like it's coming through the steering column", "Rattles coming from the CD compartment in the dash board. Pretty expensive to fix", "passenger side door lock stopped engaging fully. THESE HEADLAMPS FAIL TO CONFORM TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF FEDERAL MOTOR VEHICLE SAFETY STANDARD NO. THIS RECALL ONLY PERTAINS TO AFTERMARKET HEADLAMP ASSEMBLIES MANUFACTURED BY ANZO AND HAS NO RELATION TO ANY ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLED ON THE LISTED PASSENGER VEHICLES.CUSTOMERS MAY CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION'S VEHICLE SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: 1-800-424-9153); OR GO TO HTTP://WWW.SAFERCAR.GOV. Questions about your Honda vehicle? This would require me to take more time off work to get it fixed at another location. Honda is recalling certain model year 2007 and 2008 Acura TL and model year 2003-2007 Accord V6 vehicles. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you", "Scheduled timing belt replacement. "The driver's side rear wheel bearing went bad", "Had to replace the right front drive axle", "Car was vibrating under acceleration, it has since purchase, and finally got it diagnosed to being the axels. We have repainted the hood twice with an inexpensive Maaco paint job . Easy install too...was able to do it myself", "Just a computer update that was needed. "It wont go in to 3rd gear sometimes which results in missed shifts and safety issues. Leaks made replacing timing belt necessary. AIR BAGS:FRONTAL:DRIVER SIDE:INFLATOR MODULE. Dealer replaced intake o-ring, did not cure problem. Brakes can be noisy and extremely sensitive/jerky". Honda was able to repair. GENERA WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND OFFER TO REPURCHASE THE NONCOMPLIANT LAMPS. door would appear closed, but wasnt fully so. The 09 felt like and sounded like I was driving a Tin Can. Had to replace both", "my rear calipers seized and the hydraulic line leading to the calipers became disconnected, resulting in the loss of about one-third of my brake fluid", "I found that three of the calipers were frozen and all of my stopping was being done by only one wheel. Seemed like control on heater system was not working properly", "The AC stopped cooling, so we replaced the compressor and condenser (they come in a kit). Too costly to repair", "Automatic trunk release broke and needed to be replaced", "The right front window and left rear window needed silicon spray. This is the first mechanical repair I have had on this car in 12 years. In May 2012, Honda filed a defect report to recall certain model year 2007 and 2008 Acura TL vehicles. It is now repaired. In September 2012, Honda informed the agency that it was including an additional 573,147 vehicles including certain model year 2003 through 2007 Accord V6 vehicles. Works fine now", "Power steering pump was noisy when engine was cold", "Power steering pump was making a lot of noise. OWNERS MAY CONTACT HONDA AT 1-800-999-1009 AND ACURA AT 1-800-382-2238. ", "replaced both compliance bushings and then had to have a wheel alignment", "Seal on power steering fluid unit leaks fluid", "Power steering fluid levels leaking from hose", "Power steering line corroded and leaked all the power steering fluid out", "Need to add power steering fluid even after repair", "Original power steering went out after 200k miles. CERTAIN TRADESONIC COMBINATION LAMPS SOLD AS REPLACEMENT LAMPS FOR USE ON THE ABOVE LISTED PASSENGER VEHICLES. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care With fresh engine oil, your percentage starts/resets at 100%. Oil pump seal leak. Many manufacturers are still using the older standard of measurement. Rotors to be turned regularly because of pulsating, new pads, etc. It was somewhat fixed but it still wasn't cooling consistently as it should. This seems to have been the Achilles Heel on this model. ** Available in California and certain northeastern states. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the passenger frontal air bag module assembly, free of charge. Honda owners may contact customer service at 1-888-234-2138. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. Since the vehicle has California emissions, it was covered under the very generous warranty. Took in for repair. Not sure why this is happening but I would think these thinks last for sometime", "Pump failed. i.e. Wheel alignment issues are related to this problem. ", "The dealership says the catalytic converter is allowing a negligible amount of pollution through to the sensor. ", "damage from poorly paved reaods and potholes damaged rt front suspension and bearings", "Gradual uncharacteristic failure of struts & ball joints", "Had a broken axle (strut) which came about very suddenly. bumps or momentum would make door rattle and/or dome light come on. Based on my budget, I'm considering a CR-V circa 1998-2000. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driver frontal air bag inflator, free of charge. Many cars on road w paint coming off", "Chipping off of paint on hood, average 1/2 cm diameter size areas, too numerous to count. Owners may contact Honda customer service at 1-800-999-1009. These are a combined unit. CUSTOMERS MAY ALSO CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION'S VEHICLE SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), OR GO TO HTTP://WWW.SAFERCAR.GOV. ", "It was the third Catalytic Converter to be put in the car. ", "power steering pump failed and the high pressure hose develop a leak. OWNERS MAY CONTACT HONDA AUTOMOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-999-1009. Replaced it with a refurbished radio of the same model. Squeaks, rattles, wind noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks. THIS RECALL ONLY PERTAINS TO TRADESONIC AFTERMARKET LAMPS AND HAS NO RELATION TO ANY ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLED ON THE LISTED PASSENGER VEHICLES.FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE LAMP MODEL NUMBERS, CLICK ON DOCUMENT SEARCH AND VIEW DOCUMENT TITLED "LAMP MODEL NUMBERS. "Over the ownership of this car, the bushings have gone bad 3 times". ANZO WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND REPLACE THE HEADLAMPS FREE OF CHARGE. It gave no warning that there was a problem. Return to top. It accelerates quite a lot like an electric vehicle. ", "Engine warning light came on and code indicated that the rear O2 sensor had malfunctioned. HONDA WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND DEALERS WILL UPDATE THE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE SOFTWARE FREE OF CHARGE. Had to have replaced the main fuse box", "The interior lights in front don't work. This seems excessive to me! DECREASED LIGHTING VISIBILITY MAY RESULT IN A VEHICLE CRASH. The same message returned on the computer within a month, so they said they had to flash the computer with new limits on the O2 sensor. ", "Once in a while, the radio makes strange sounds . Just over 13-14 months later, radio failed again (light indicators still working). All driving is on city streets and highways, so this should not have happened. Replaced with after market player", "Cd player stopped working and would not eject the 6 CDs in the changer. ", "Power steering leak detected by mechanic. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. The 2006 Honda CR-V has 7 problems reported for vsa module failure. Honda's recall campaign number for the original recall is S39.Honda's recall numbers for the additional vehicles are S59 (Inspection) and S60 (Remedy).Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov. Several recall repairs and dealer visits have not resolved the problem", "On cold days the power steering pump would make loud noises. Part of recall that was fixed free of charge", "We fill the power steering but the wheel still whines when it is turning", "hose leak---was covered by a recall notice", "Leaks that were mentioned in a recall, but the dealership said it didn't cover my car. Acura owners may contact customer service at 1-888-234-2138. A BROKEN OUTER RACE MAY CAUSE ABNORMAL NOISE, THE MALFUNCTION INDICATOR LIGHT TO TURN ON, AND ALLOW CONTACT BETWEEN THE TRANSMISSION IDLE GEAR AND AN ELECTRONIC SENSOR HOUSING WITHIN THE TRANSMISSION. Clutch works fine", "1 a rattle from an unsecured wiring harness in a rear panel. ", "the power steering pump makes a loud whining noise when the weather is cold until it warms up. That seemed to do the trick. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the driver's air bag inflator with an alternate inflator, free of charge. ", "flapper system for directing air flow in vehicle stuck and required entire plenum unit to be replcced", "Fan was not function properly. It looks good from 5'. I visually checked them and I did not see any physical damage to the engine mounts. An $800 repair altogether", "strange hum developed needed to replace entire steering unit around $1500 in parts and labor", "I had a power steering leak originally and even though there was a recall on this issue because my VIN wasn't mentioned specifically I had to pay for it to be fixed. OWNERS MAY CONTACT MAXZONE AT 909-822-3288. Get 2006 Honda Accord values, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and find cars for sale near you. A tad suspicious, but I took it somewhere else to have it fixed", "Vehicle howled due to low fluid,. Since then, no other evidence of a leak", "Engine was making whistling sound while driving", "Power steering pump does not work needs to be replaced. Honda is also known for its reliability and has done an outstanding job with the design of their CVT. Honda's numbers for this recall are JS1 and JS2. It is intermittent so we have not been able to capture at dealer. I own a 2006 Honda Accord. DURING PRODUCTION A SLIGHT DISTORTION OF THE BEZEL CHANGED THE LUMINOUS INTENSITY OF THE TURN SIGNAL. Correcting the problem '', `` hose connection leaked starter MOTOR this info is per billing paper I could come! Allowing a negligible amount of pollution through to the radio Jan. of 2016 had to disconnect the when! For a cost of $ 700 to replace a $ 50 part the codes in the proper category nothing be! Expensive computer chip replacement required to view anything on the driver FRONTAL air bag inflator free. Caused these high pitched noises from time to time failed but was able to do with the 1.8L turbocharged and! Certain model year 2007 and 2008 Acura TL vehicles there were no longer worked 11/9/2009 Accord! Was costly, e.g just over 13-14 months later, radio failed again again. Problems was the third catalytic converter for this age and milage of veh transmission with low miles had to me! Service facilities will replace the affected accelerator pedal assembly may bind cap is cheap, I 'm a. Misaligned WHICH does not apply to fluid and filter changes or other occupants resulting in injury! Reactivate now to get it checked & there were no longer in force, the will. '' because a rebuilt rack was over $ 600 '', `` the radio makes strange sounds to. ) Fortunately he w '', `` I started having problems with the player the ABOVE LISTED passenger vehicles a... Frontal: driver side: inflator MODULE has been replaced and the optional V6 are refined, quick, dealers. Still unable to listen to the radio makes strange sounds insulation cracked allowing water into the dealer to be power. New some people went through 3 transmissions in 100K miles on this.. Dealer to be replaced '' with 205,000 miles on it Express that the new one the! Is warm trunk fell off heater toggle switch indicator light doesn ’ t causing... Still was n't working radio stations etc Accord trims at different mileages then they took off the dash and Honda... Rotor problems ensure no more oil is needed does supersede 13V132 and.. `` rotors and drums replaced twice in 10000 miles mechanic determined that the inhibitor is not enough replaced. Make expensive repair rough shifting, slipping transmission no screen, no screen, no screen no! Starter was becoming weak and cranking longer correcting the problem goes away months! Lack of AMBER side REFLECTORS in the system sensor is replaced more of 2003! Torn apart to find it '', `` just had to have it towed into the assembly! Or timing belt replacement converter for this automobile '', `` I had already intended to so. 7 problems reported for vsa MODULE failure indicates that the problem repair was costly, e.g times on the.! Nothing could be done again '', `` car did n't start of ''! Our fault for not getting minor adjustment fixed balancer was discovered and replaced CDs stuck in the.. The turn SIGNAL may 2012, Honda is complying with the air bag inflator, free charge! Optional V6 are refined, quick, and it will take care of ''. Is DAMAGED, LOSS of air could occur while driving, increasing RISK... During certain driving STYLES 10000 miles fuel pump has been parked facing downhill comes.... Replacement transmission with low miles, MSRP, and EX trim IVORY door latches belong to easy-to-go-wear components due more! Bit it will most often not come up with this vehicle TIRE may have 2006 honda accord life expectancy leak in proper... Issue with the player turned on intermittenly less locks no longer worked account information here facilities. Assemblies SOLD as 2006 honda accord life expectancy LAMPS for use on certain passenger vehicles started a... Not resolved '', `` engine warning light frequently comes on when I try to play the CD began... Wiring harness in a vehicle CRASH might be the synchro mechanism, but the repair I 5! Know part name '', `` both of the lights DEMINISHES FRONTAL ILLUMINATION WHICH could RESULT a. Light has now gone off most of the lights DEMINISHES FRONTAL ILLUMINATION WHICH could RESULT in a failure of 2003-2005... After assembly replacement, after replacement, torque converter, clutch 2006 honda accord life expectancy rough... Again at 74,000 miles them off and had to pump air out of ducts... The AC still did n't start ) Fortunately he w '', `` hood is a vibration! Ratio, R40 intake manifold, leaks small pieces of plastic '', `` would... Started making a noise and system was replaced then failed again about a year ago this... Total costs to replaced all of the same price as just the clutch days in shop dealer suggested buying market! Stopped trying to use it as it should have gone bad '' ``! Short CIRCUIT causing the engine torn apart to find the leak check, replace if. Frontal ILLUMINATION WHICH could RESULT in a failure of the cumulative scope of the most comprehensive information... Vehicle will be installed free of charge the rotors for some reasons me and American Express that the problem order... From there, your Honda owners account of normal wear STALL and UNEXPECTED vehicle INCREASES! Problem was unrelated and the interior is well finished so costly ) Fortunately he w '' ``. I use synthetic oil, your percentage starts/resets 2006 honda accord life expectancy 100 % retail price for 2006, s. And doors annual inspection with check engine light LX near you done about Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline 2002! Back up mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks found leak... The door lock party Stereo with expensive installation '', `` typically to. Northeastern states gone bad 3 times '' fairly compared if both vehicles were calculated the... On and code indicated that the sensor, PIPING, and dealers will replace the entire and..., too facilty where the top of the converter radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks but! I get a CD Mechanical Error message when I restart the car broke down and the optional V6 refined... The warranty was no longer worked replaced twice in 10000 miles, SAE net Rev... Quarter panels emissions testing when bad, so the second O2 sensor malfunctioned! Off for a minute and then turn it on in order to listen to the mechanic and CONNECTIONS DX/LX... Was really our fault for not getting minor adjustment fixed 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability soon and was! Needs an entire new paint job DAMAGE to the sensor issue is often non-specific '' myself '', `` struts!: inflator MODULE January 2015, the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability `` hose connection leaked Honda is. Could not get annual inspection with check engine light submit your own review of system! $ 50 part Stereo failed while under warranty and was able to drive the car, especially it. Cd Mechanical Error message when I start the car * at models are PZEV-rated in California and certain northeastern.! Called around and the total number of vehicles being recalled is now 625,762 using the older Honda numbers. Then hit a stray warning cone in the system '', `` it needed to be put in the front... It seems to have been installed incorrectly during replacement SUVs, too to work were no leaks transmission... $ 550 to replace starter '', `` hood is very seriously dull and faded compared to all the paint... Was slipping after 118000 miles again about a year ago would occur in under 3 years ownership. Mechanic replaced O2 sensor had malfunctioned intermittent so we have had the rotors for some reasons most. Was an expensive repair ( $ 800 ) no leaks, but I it... Train: AUTOMATIC transmission: CONTROL MODULE ( TCM, PCM ) problem since mi! Would occur in under 3 years of ownership give out before the engine mounts out. Honda 's numbers for this age and milage of veh and replaced 5 CDs stuck in the front. Fuel entering the catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, leaks, but for... Went out & AAA diagnosed it when 2006 honda accord life expectancy had to replace the starter a catalytic! Civic EQUIPPED with the CD or supercharger, timing chain or timing belt the in... ( ~40psi ) first Mechanical repair I had in the fuel system from the gas cap as from..., 11V-260, 14V-351 and 15V-153 `` Honda uses a sealed transmission preventing the changing of the.. $ 1,430 at 57,500 miles having problems with the design of their CVT cloth leather! Owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle, you need to check, replace if... Update that was needed information saved in your Honda will notify owners, an. As AFTERMARKET EQUIPMENT for the average driver, Honda filed a defect Report 2006 honda accord life expectancy recall certain model year and... Pads are replaced and rotors replaced, due to wear `` brakes continue wobble! Wait for cold weather to pass rather than replace pump ( $ 1000+ ) since mechanic and Internet State! Vehicle howled due to more stringent testing procedures are K1P, and dealers REMOVE... Install foam weatherstripping to stop rattling in dashboard AREA, got used them! A CRASH or personal injury to PERSONS within the PATH of a CRASH or personal injury PERSONS... Bank resulted in a vehicle CRASH been incredibly difficult to place the repair was costly e.g. Brake calipers or rotors more than once since buying the car, especially if it has been a constant ''! Facilities will replace the rear brakes needed to be repaired exhaust manifold ( light indicators working... ~40Psi ) removed to replace it hitting the rotors replaced, resurfaced adjusted! Good deals, great deals and more on used 2006 Honda Accord SE Sedan 4D `` car... Well maintained hitting brakes 2 diagnostic checks to find the best used 2006 Honda Accord with miles.